userHead Jantonio 2018-04-28 15:10:58 1475 Views1 Replies
Hello All,

I would like to start by explaining, all the options I saw, I thought lattepanda the best. I recommended in my work to implement this electronic board. after two starts up, the e-board stopped working. So, do you think lattepanda is good for industrialization?

I read topics yesterday in the community, some problems is similar or maybe the same but nobody explain why that happened and I need to understand why, the first time i start up, i installed microsoft office. second and third time, i worked with powerpoint.

My lattepanda is 2GB/32 emmc
Connected to touchscreen 7 inches
Power supply from this touchscreen
This screen have 2 USB:
- 1 USB for touchscreen function
- 2 USB for e-board
This screen is special for electronic boards.

The problem i have is:

Blue light flashing or blinking, after few seconds is turn off and back on and stay ON.
Red light ON, after few seconds should be off and then when i press the button back ON.
But the red light is stay ON all the time and nothing appear on the screen.

In case the BIOS is missing, why?
And where can i find the meaning of the light? I meant, if the light stay ON all the time, what that mean?

Many thanks