Elementary OS or what?

userHead casfoust 2018-05-01 11:29:42 2413 Views3 Replies
Hi everyone, i'm trying to test and install elementary os in my LP 4/64 Z8350 (lastest edition bought from dfrobot just weeks ago), but once i boot from usb and loads, either y choose try live or install, it then stucks at this screen: Image

I don't know if i have to change something in the BIOS or what, but it's weird because i read other people installing it succesfully.
I did a GPT DD image with Rufus with the official elementary os ISO and checked the SHA256 key so it's an exact copy. MBR won´t boot, only GPT.

Is a better idea to install just ubuntu and then patreon (i'd love that look)? What i want to run is bitwig for music production with MIDI, Mixxx, spotify, and basic media tools for entertainment and internet like VLC, Transmission and Firefox. I would use a USB asio sound interface, wifi and bluetooth for mouse and keyboard. (basically i want LP to be my room pc for everyday use, since i have a powerful desktop windows pc for video and photo editing, but in other room )

What do you think is my better option? I'm open to any linux distro but i prefer ubuntu based ones because i'm a real newbie on linux, open to learn basic things but mostly i want it to just work well for now.

Thx in advance! And sorry for my english.