How to get a 3.97'' Small Screen.

userHead LattePanda 2018-05-14 19:13:53 244317 Views35 Replies
Hi guys,

Here's a 3.97'' screen which can be used on lattepanda via the MIPI connector.

But we just provide the screen to the Business consumer now.

And if you want one you can post a "+1" and some idea below the thread, we will provide it to the end-user once there are more than 30 person need it!

Do you want to get one? Would you mind to share your idea of how to use the Small Screen?

Also can contact us via (! Looking forward to your message!

Welcome to post here! Attachments 3.97‘’ screen.jpg 3.97‘’ screen.jpg (77.96 KiB) Viewed 76383 times