shutdown and reboot

userHead MaxS 2018-05-18 13:42:54 2365 Views2 Replies
Hi everybody,
I'm using a latte panda to control an information monitor for firefighting operations.

For stable operation and maintaining performance the LP reboots every day at 6:00 am by "windows task planing". (action: "shutdown" with arguments "/r /t 0 /f").

Since a few days the LP dosen't reboot by itself. LP shuts down and then nothing happens.
The red led on the backside and the blue led on the topside are on. But the system dosen't work (e.g. the monitor displays a message: "no signals").
I've been to reboot (or reset) the LP manually. Then it works again till the new reboot at 6:00 am (next day).

I'm not sure, is this a problem with LP or with Microsoft?

Does anyone have experience with a stable reboot? The reboot method ("shutdown /r /t 0 /f) worked stable for about two months.