Windows IoT Core on LattePanda (32-bit UEFI firmware)

userHead Dora 2018-05-29 05:49:05 1481 Views1 Replies

I'm trying to deploy Windows IoT Core to the LattePanda (v1.1, 2G/32GB, Z8350 processor in it).
I'd like to install Windows IoT Core on it, but I have some problems. 

I started get to know the installation's steps from here: There is a 64-bit supported
FFU file link in the thread, which I tried to install on LattePanda, but didn't work. 
Then I realized, that this LattePanda has 32-bit UEFI firmware on it, which
not support 64-bit. 

From these
tutorials I started creating my own FFU in 32-bit version, but I always get
errors, when I want to create an image. 

Is there any easier solution to install Windows IoT Core on the 32-bit
version Panda? Or maybe somebody have a 32-bit version FFU? 

Thank you in advance for your help!