Did anyone had success running docker on LP?

userHead sansupercool 2018-05-31 20:33:59 2371 Views1 Replies
i recently bought LP 4G/64GB enhanced. I wanted to do some experimental developments so I am trying to install docker, it got installed but it is not starting up. anyone had luck using docker on LP

I get this message in a prompt
Containers feature is not enabled.
Do you want to enable it for Docker to be able to work properly?
Your computer will restart automatically
If I pressOK I get this error message:
Unable to stop: The running command stopped because the preference variable "ErrorActionPreference" or common parameter is set to Stop: The specified module 'Hyper-V' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory.
at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 81
at Docker.Backend.HyperV.RunScript(String action, Dictionary`2 parameters) in C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Backend\HyperV.cs:line 183
at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Linux.DoStop() in C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Backend\ContainerEngine\Linux.cs:line 297
at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Linux.Restart(Settings settings, String daemonOptions) in C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Backend\ContainerEngine\Linux.cs:line 171
at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<Register>b__0(Object[] parameters) in C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Core\pipe\NamedPipeServer.cs:line 46
at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.RunAction(String action, Object[] parameters) in C:\gopath\src\github.com\docker\pinata\win\src\Docker.Core\pipe\NamedPipeServer.cs:line 144