exposing port running on docker-machine to local network

userHead sansupercool 2018-06-09 09:40:42 1928 Views0 Replies
On my windows 10, I have docker container running on docker machine(that uses boot2docker), ip

Code: Select all , on that machine I have port 3141 open running devpi, I can access this ip on my local host, but I want to expose

Code: Select all to local network.

the docker container I started was using this command

Code: Select all

docker run -d --restart=always --name devpi -p 3141:3141 scrapinghub/devpi since I have -p 3141:3141 I can open on the host machine running docker machine, but my host machine whose ip on internal network is does not have mapped to

on Virtualbox runnning boot2docker VM, I have set port to 3141 forward


but above configuration is also not helping out.. so how can I configure this and where on windows 10 host machine ?