LattePanda Alpha 864 - With Extras

userHead MiguelGalrao 2018-06-12 02:40:22 8164 Views8 Replies
1. Wanted to buy the Raspeberry Pi 3 B+
2. Found out it was too weak;
3. Researched the web for 1 day
4. Found out about LattePanda
5. Discovered the Kickstarter Alpha Project
6. Rejoice!!!!
7. Discovered the project ended
8. Sadness...
9. Discovered the pre-order site
10. Rejoiced again!
11. Noticed that we can only buy the board
12. Sadness...

So after this.. I created an account to ask for your help. What I want is this:

Alpha 864 - 1 unit
Streaming cable
Titan Case
(wouldn’t mind about a few extras, screenshot attached)

How can I buy them?
If I can’t buy them, why?
If it’s a time/production issue, when will it be ready?

Oh and I intend to use it for programming.
Currently finishing my degree in software engineering, this would be great! Attachments 79648D3F-4D3F-4880-B694-5849C315D14C.jpeg 79648D3F-4D3F-4880-B694-5849C315D14C.jpeg (173.71 KiB) Viewed 7787 times