Lattepanda is crashing

userHead max.crm 2018-06-25 19:44:24 3375 Views8 Replies

we are currently using a Lattepanda 4GB RAM /64 GB eMMC and have massive issues with the device.

The Lattepanda is crashing all the time and is rebooting itself. To solve the problem we tried the following things but without any success:

- Try another power supply
- Try a more powerfull power supply
- Reinstall Windows
- Use the Lattepanda without the display and touch panel
- Install a fan for cooling the processor

We tried different scenarios to find a pattern why the device is crashing. We let the Lattepanda search for Windows updates or set it under high workload but even when no problem is running in Windows the Lattepanda is crashing.

I hope you guys could help me with this.

Thank you and best regards.