Dead Panda with no LED at all

userHead Spockclock 2018-06-28 13:41:52 1103 Views1 Replies
Hi Lattepanda,

Have some 2/32Gb Lattepandas. Evaluating them currently for my Uni and so far everything has been great. Just love them running Max7 and Unity Apps.

One of them has just stopped working completely. Absolutely no LED or anything on true tested power supply so I suspect something is up with the power management side. Had a cooling fan attached and a 10k Arduino trimpot on Analogue 0. Fan still operating fine (whisper smooth).

Does this mean this poor little guy is dead? Can I send it back for repairs etc? Purchased from Littlebird (DFRobot distributor) Australia in May this year.

Any advice would be great.