Help with getting a portable battery pack for the Lattepanda Alpha

userHead Bydoless 2018-07-06 12:31:04 1960 Views0 Replies
I'm thinking of buying a Lattepanda Alpha for a 3d Printed portable handheld gaming device in the future. Problem is, I'm not sure how feasible a portable power source would be. I've been told that I would need a 12v 2.5A power source in order to properly power the Lattepanda Alpha.

I'm looking at something like this and other such batteries like it: ... PEHJ9H29J1

Problem already is that the output cable from something like this is incompatible already with the 12v DC slot in the Lattepanda Alpha itself without having to cut it off and modify it to fit.

Even discounting the fact that a battery such as this would keep the Lattepanda active for a couple hours max at mostly full power, I'm not sure how it would keep a full charge, much less the dangers of such power and electricity in a handheld device, especially one that will be within a 3D printed shell.