LattePanda not Booting Windows 10

userHead ab-tools 2018-07-21 21:11:30 2850 Views4 Replies

today I have received an activated version of a LattePanda 2GB/32GB (S/N: KBWMP180201101873), but I cannot get it to boot into Windows 10.

Whatever I try I only see the LattePanda Windows start screen (with the rotating loading animation) for a few seconds and then the board turns itself off again (the red LED turns off, only the blue one is still on).

First I tried with a micro USD tablet power supply (5V, 2A) without luck, now I connected a laboratory power supply using the CN2 header which can deliver more than 3 A, but still no luck (according to the laboratory power supply the board does request more than around 1 A max.).

Nothing else is connected to the board except a Full HD monitor over HDMI.

I looks like that the Windows boot just doesn't work, but I would have expected the device to come configured in a way that it boots Windows without problems!
Also I can't find the Windows 10 activation key inside the box. So even if I would try to completely re-install Windows, I guess I would need the activation key to get it activated again, right?

What should I do now?
And where do I find the Windows 10 activation key?

Best regards and thanks in advance for any support on this