How to use GNSS UART and I2C

userHead hvguy 2018-07-23 04:30:32 2884 Views3 Replies
Hi All,

I've browsed the forum/google and, while I doubt this is news, there exists little to no information on either of these interfaces.

I need to:

-Use the UART_GNSS on U1 pins 6-8 as a windows COM port
-Understand what drivers/software/ect. are necessary to use the I2C ports
-Understand how to read from and write to the I2C ports

I know that:

-All U1 ports operate at 1.8V
-The UART on U1 pins 5-7 is already available as COM1

I do not want to:

-Use the Arduino (have other plans for it)
-Use a USB-serial converter
-Spend hours reverse engineering something that should already be documented

Hope someone can help!