My Panda has died

userHead PrintauditPaul 2018-08-03 02:48:17 1262 Views0 Replies
Hi I could use some advice on how to diagnose why my Panda has suddenly stopped working, and I'm looking for assistance to diagnose what actually happened?

July 4th I ordered a Win 10 2gb/32gb board with a Starterkit (DFR0418 & KIT0116)
Monday, July 9th built the case installed the Cooling fan and Installed our SNMP monitoring app.
my app installed ran less than 10% resources so the unit was not being overtaxed by anything
the unit ran flawlessly until Tuesday, July 31, when My app stopped reporting to my server.

I'm unable to connect remotely or connect anything USB but the ethernet port still appears to be communicating and the boards central "Blue" light is on consistently,

any options to further diagnose the board would be greatly appreciated.