Can I clone a "master Panda" having full Win and app setup to other Pandas with preactivated Windows via diskimage?

userHead CHAG 2018-08-03 05:26:19 3891 Views7 Replies

i have 5 Pandas 2G 32mmc devices with preactivated Windows.

I have one "Master Panda" with fully updated Windows, installed Programs (keyless, no reg required). Also special Settings on the windows Services etc.I need to dupe the master panda setup exactly.

My questions is:
Is it possible to create a diskimage (like using acronis) and then copy it over to my other 4 Pandas to create the identical setup with a minimum time efford ?
What will happen to the preactivated Windows? Does it autoregister the hardwares "burned in" key on each new device?
Is there need to manually unregister the Master Pandas Windows key before creating a diskimage?

Is there even a better way to clone Panda setup 1:1 like in a diskcopy station?

Ty for reading even if cannot help here