Monitor for photo and video editing

userHead Matricola 2018-08-07 21:06:53 1335 Views0 Replies

Good morning everyone!!!!

I have returned to PC and I am looking at a decent Monitor to edit both photo and video, video games I leave a little aside, something will play but I am not a gamer ...

My budget is between 500 and 700 €, I have already made a good payment with the tower and that is what I have left.

My intention was an EIZO but I'm going budget.

Features that I would like are:

* Vision IPS

* 8 or 10bit (better 10 for my future camera)

* GAMUT (high percentage in both sRGB and ADOBE RGB)

* Inches between 25 "and 27" preferably

What monitor do you have to work ???? Or here is the information about the monitor, if you can tell me which is the best?

Thanks in advance!!!