Bottom Processor cover falls off with LattePanda copper heat sinks

userHead mw.hodei 2018-08-09 04:36:23 1058 Views1 Replies
I am using the LattePanda in a commercial application and have used the Panda as my computer component. I also installed the Panda copper heat sinks as shown in the pictures for the product. Currently I have a few dozen units built ready to deploy. However upon delivery of my first few units(standard vibrations from a car likely occurred), I had a couple of the Pandas bottom aluminum cover fall off. The Panda is mounted onto an aluminum plate with 3/4" stand offs so there is some space in between the floor of the unit and the heat sinks for heat to escape.

Is this a known problem with the covers popping off easily?

Is the weight of the heat sinks not meant for a more mobile application? I'm sure aluminum ones would help this.

Is there a problem with this cover being off? Heat or electric issues? EMF problems?

Any known solution to locking down the aluminum covers besides the tiny clips provided? I'm considering using an adhesive.