Windows Enterprise all apps missing

userHead anonymous 2018-08-09 11:14:02 1787 Views1 Replies
My Latte Panda 64 bit with activated Windows Enterprise was working fine (I thought) until I tried to install a program from an .appx file which is a Windows store installer.
I got an error that there are no apps to open it.
I then realized that Microsoft store is not installed.
I then realized that all MS apps are missing including stuff like Edge browser. The only apps that are installed are Arduino and windows settings apps.

I tried running WSReset and got error You'll need a new app to install ms-windows-store
I Googled it and tried a bunch of things including installing all default apps using Powershell script but nothing made any difference.
I then downloaded the Latte Panda Windows Enterprise image to a thumb drive and reinstalled windows from scratch.
I activated Windows and ran Windows Update but nothing changed at all- still no store or default apps at all.