OpenSUSE Leap 15 on LattePanda

userHead jsevans 2018-08-17 20:49:09 3627 Views5 Replies
I just got my LattePanda this morning and since I hate Windows, I immediately tried one of my favorite Linux distros. Here's how I got it to work.

1. Flash the "Ubuntu" bios
2. Burn the OpenSUSE iso to a USB 3.0 Key
3. When trying to boot with the key, it froze when the installer brought up the GUI.
Workaround: Reboot and add "textmode=1" to the boot loader for the installer.
4. Install using ncurses installer. It's a little clunky but all of the options are there.
5. Reboot after the installer finishes. Everything is as it should be. No more freezes, no special kernel, everything works great.

I'll try again later with some other distros!