Seg lcd tv no hdmi signal

userHead Musakilic 2018-08-28 00:35:56 1798 Views0 Replies
My latte panda work samsung lcd tv good.But in my home have a seg 22inch lcd tv plug in hdmi port open my latte panda write screan no signal but plug same lcd tv satalite work but plug in my latte panda this no signal
Pls help me

Try this method not work help me
1. Remove/Unplug all external Drives. (Except an external DVD-Rom if you have one connected !)
2. Power on Unit (If you have an external DVD-Rom Drive it will make a Spin-up noise indicating unit is on )
press escape a few times until numlock led/light on keyboard stops flashing.
---Still no screen - Relax you have already entered the bios mode even though you can not see anything yet !---
3. Press F3 key
4. Press Enter Key
5. Press F4 Key
6. Press Enter Key