10" + touch screen, sorry if its a repeat

userHead mindwave 2018-08-30 00:46:11 4256 Views7 Replies
Im sure that this has been asked, but in case it hasnt been broached lately, Panda has an offical 7" plus a capacitive overlay, which is very cool, its very cheap.

but at my age 7" is just too small for windows, and as much as I would LOVE a linux tablet, I would rather use that LP as it was released first, THEN start messing with my NEXT one.

SO, has anyone successfully without too much nail biting found a 10" or greater (I have a 13" tablet that is AMAZING just incredibly heavy") so I can build my own tablet. This unit has SO much GREAT potential in that direction.

I know that LP doesnt have one that they have released, but I also know that there is ONE official RPI screen and yet I have 6 of them from MANY different vendors, so it seems to me that most of the RPIS use a GPIO connection for many of their screens and then a USB connection for their touch screen.

So.although I believe that the majority of the GPIO pins on the LP are the external arduino, and there may actually be a way to utilize that, but I also figure their MUST be a simpler way.

after all one of my external RPI screens uses HDMI for the video and USB for the touch scree,

links , ideas, instructables, all would be appreciated, and again if this is probably a repeat I apologize for the space take.