[LattePanda Alpha] Reset BIOS options to defaults.

userHead hyperwebnosphere 2018-08-31 04:06:36 6804 Views5 Replies
Hi, I just received my LP Alpha and I tried booting a Ubuntu image that I burned on a USB stick and I edited the BIOS a bit just to get it to boot correctly (Disabled secure boot, etc) and after rebooting, I am unable to see the BIOS menu or the F7 menu anymore. I am able to boot windows 10 fine but I cannot see the BIOS menu or the F7 boot options.

I have been searching for documents to restore the BIOS to the factory settings but I could only find instructions from the older LattePanda and not the Alpha. I'm not sure whether if the docs for the Alpha are updated for advanced usage such as accessing the BIOS.

Is there a way to either reset the BIOS settings or to restore the BIOS via a update mechanism for the LattePanda Alpha?