Clean Windows 10 installation (4G-64G) including drivers

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I had following problems. 4G-64G

1. Sound jack was not working.
- No Sound but HDMI sound is ok.

2. Strange symptoms on USB 2.0 ports.
- Mouse on USB was very slow.
- Keyboard was not working.
- But 3.0 port is perfect.

3. I wanted to install clean Windows 10 from Microsoft Web site, not the image from LattePanda web site

I tried so many time so change device drivers to fix but all failed.

Problem 1. was solved with installing new Windows 10.
Problem 2. was power issue.

Find good power supplier, I recommand 5V 2A power supplier.
My LattePanda's maximum current is 1.5A.

In addition, you have to use thick USB power cable.
Thin cable can only handle less than 5V 1A which makes many strange troubles including
- no screen
- sudden stop
- crazy usb 2.0...
- very slow speed..

Just use good power cable!!

A. Preparation of Installation USB memory stick

Visit this web site and "Download tool now" and run.
You can build booting USB stick with this program.

B. Installation of Windows 10.

Insert this USB memory at USB port and start LattePanda. (I used USB 3.0 port)

Do not upgrade but new installation after remove original partition (the biggest partition only and create again)
You will need CD Key of Windows 10 for clean installation.

C. After booting again, you will have many "unknown devices"

Run "Device Manager" from "search button" on task bar.
You will find many "unknown device"s..

D. Download Drivers at right place. ... k1iMkFvTTg

This file is for 4G-64G lattepanda.
File name is ""

Extract from "MRD-64bit-Intel-Driver-Release" folder.

This means C:\MRD-64bit-Intel-Driver-Release\

Run "CMD" as Administrator. and do at CMD screen.


If you do not have "install.bat" file on "scripts" directory, you have the wrong file.

After installation....

E. After Installation.

1. My sound jack is working.
2. My Bluetooth is missing...
3. Only one "unknow device" from "Device Manager"

F. Download Bluetooth Driver

You have to find "Realtek 8723BS Bluetooth Driver"
This is Realtek UART bluetooth driver.

After installation this file, you will no longer have "unknow device"