Plans for LP Alphas have changed. Looking to update bundles that I pledged for on kickstarter prior to shipment.

userHead Knightshadow1371 2018-09-04 10:23:17 2918 Views5 Replies
Hello to any LattePanda associates!

I have tried to contact via kickstarter messages, but I'm assuming you are all very busy getting the next batch of alphas shipped, which is good! Although I'm hoping to make some changes to my kickstarter pledge if that is possible before my bundles ship.

I had initially pledged for a LattePanda Alpha 864 with windows 10 bundle. Later in the campaign I also added addons to my pledge being a second Alpha 864 with windows 10, titan case, and camera module.

Uses for my alphas have changed just a bit and I'm hoping I can edit my pledge a little. Any help from the Lattpanda team would be great if they can spare a moment of their busy schedule.



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