Volume Keeps Resetting To 37 After Reboot

userHead Jukebox_Hero 2018-09-07 03:11:25 6440 Views7 Replies
I've tried searching around (both on this website and on Google) and I haven't been able to find the solution to my problem yet.

Every time I reboot Windows 10, the volume resets to 37. I've tried reinstalling the drivers but that didn't help. I found a thread on Microsoft's website that says to go into control panel, sound, communications tab, and select "Do nothing" from the list but that hasn't helped either.

My speakers are plugged in through the 3.5mm audio jack so I'm assuming the volume defaults to 37% as a safety precaution in case the user has on headphones. I'd like to find a way to override this, though, as I'm trying to set this up to work in an environment where a keyboard and mouse will not be used.