LattePanda Alpha 864 3D Model and Pinout

userHead naguirre 2018-09-08 01:54:44 190208 Views79 Replies
Hi ,
I preoredered a lattePanda and hope to get it soon thanks for your hard work.
I'm interrested into Leonardo Uno and Extended GPIO headers that i saw on the pictures.
Would it be possible to get the Pinout of these GPIO headers, what's connected to the intel SOC and what's connected to the Arduino ? Is there some documentation about it somewhere ?


LattePanda Team Official Update


Hi guys,
We have just uploaded the final 3d model here: ... 3.stp?dl=0

What's new:
1. Added cooling fan
2. Added RTC battery
3. Added Lipo battery connector
4. Adjusted the postion of reset button, eDP connector and touch connector

And now, you can find LattePanda Alpha docs here -
We will keep updating the official docs and really appreciate if you can commit your content suggestion via

Thanks for your all your great support again!