GUI-Problems after installing Ubuntu 16.04

userHead Ramon 2018-09-26 20:41:22 13870 Views6 Replies
I have the following problem: after the installation of Ubuntu 16.04 (given from here: ... haWjA/view) on my Lattepanda 4G/64G, CR200z8350, I am not able to start any GUI-programs from the sidebar. The icons itself get the small white arrows at their side, but no window opens. I am able to start the terminal application (sometimes). ps -ef shows me that the process had startet (i.e Synaptic), but no graphical output on the screen. I have made sudo apt-get update as well as sudo apt-get upgrade without any effect regarding this problem.
I travelled thru the internet for one week now, but it seems that no-one has the same problem that I have. I would be really really glad if somebody of you could help me, please.

Best, Ramon