LP not booting unles ME Disabled

userHead luisricardoram 2018-10-01 20:38:40 1921 Views1 Replies
Dear Community.

I have the following situation with a latte panda 2G/32G win10 i have to say that it's my first experience with this device and i've been searching for help for the last 6 hours without any good way to solve the problem.

1.- I tried to upgrade the LP to windows enterprise however, the update failed.
2.- Now everytime i boot the LP it freezes on startup but it lets me go into the BIOS to see and change settings.
3.- Only boots into the previous installation on windows if i restart it with a boot option "Disable Intel ME" That i understand is the Intel Management Engine
4.- I need to either be able to upgrade the windows version to enterprise or install linux but it doesn't allow me to either enter into the UEFI Shell or change it to Boot from an USB

I don't have tools to repair the BIOS (flashing a new image via SPI or anything else)

So, the concrete question is:

Is there a way to flash the BIOS image from the Windows system or to start the UEFI shell or to repair the BIOS .

Thanks in advance