Is my Panda ripped?

userHead CHAG 2018-10-02 19:16:25 2476 Views4 Replies

I used to run my Dev Panda from 2A 5V USB power supply. Yesterday I attched the IO expansion shield along with a 24V-12V DC-DC Converter powered from my general 24V system PSU.
The Panda did blink wild and I quickly removed the powercord because I thought that pattern was abnormal. Couldn't find any errors on the wiring, all correct. DC-DC Output is 12V as supposed.

Anyway the Panda doesn't show any reaction anymore. I removed the shield and put on the 5V 2A usb power but also nothing. No Red light - nothing.

Any chance that there's a fuse or easy to replace IC that fixes the power supply?
Is it possible that the Panda didn't had any power problems but the powerloss on startup did damage something responsible for inital startup?

Would be a bit sad to to trash the panda because of a faulty DC-DC converter or IO shield :/