[SOLVED] No HDMI out after one<1st>boot with IPS

userHead Cryptoxx 2018-10-12 13:27:15 2598 Views4 Replies
PROBLEM: No output from Panda on functional HDMI monitor.

SOLUTION: I changed cables.

Hey, I know i shoulda read a sticky or whatever about how to post... Format and all... Hope this works.

I received a 10.1 IPS Display[DFRobot] along with my LattePanda 4/64, and a 5v 3A power supply via Amazon. Got it all the same day.

On first I learned my screen was badly cracked.
I decided to use HDMI while I awaited my refund.

I was unable to get any picture on 3 TVs I tried, as well as 2 monitors( Dell ). Well, I did the F3, Return, F4 Return and nothing. I tried using a Samsung power supply, 5v 2.0 A, and nothing. I tried unplugging the mouse, I tried resetting, and then I finally decided to change the dang cord. I started out using a Belkin cable; it was way more stiff and heavy duty than any others at the house and for some reason had longer plugs, that looked like gold. When plugged all the way in, the rubber part wasn't flush with the receiver. I dunno why they're made that way. When I put in the next HDMI cable I put my hands on, which had no visible brand, I was happy to see the LattePanda image come on the screen for the first time..