L.P. Alpha DC power experiments and observations

userHead anonymous 2018-10-14 11:13:20 21615 Views30 Replies
I tried powering LP Alpha 864 using type-C port, thru
1) included 45W type-C PD 3.0 power supply, or
2) Apple 60W type-C power supply (also USB PD 3.0)
Both works fine. What I've found using a type-C USB power meter is:
it's not using QC2, QC3, BC 1.2, Android DCP, etc. and definitely not using the classic D+ D- signaling. Also, tried these type of power supplies as well as battery charging packs (e.g., QC3 type), they won't work.
It is using PD and negotiated to 15V output profile (using type-C's CC1 and CC2 pins' communication protocol.)

In the stock, unactivated Win10 Pro environment, power consumption seldom went higher than 16W. (Also as low as 6W.)
Note the system is not under load, except one USB keyboard and one USB mouse connected.