New LattePanda not booting (red and blue lights stay on).

userHead hudsonm 2018-10-19 05:47:52 2705 Views5 Replies

I received my new LattePanda (4/64Gb with Win 10 Ent activated) a couple of days ago from DFRobot. I’ve been happily setting it up to remotely control a telescope system and all was going well until I switched on this evening to do more work.

The LattePanda is switching on, but not booting to Windows (in fact I get nothing on the screen at all).

On powering up I get the red light (which stays on all the time), the fan on the heatsink runs and the blue light pulses briefly, dims and then comes back on. I’ve tried some of the advice on here such as pressing both power and reset for 20 secs etc… but with no success.

Please can someone offer some advice to revive my Panda or is it dead ????

Thanks everyone, Mark.