Can I add more ethernet ports to Lattepanda Alpha with the M2 ports?

userHead mayoral 2018-10-20 15:59:53 2667 Views1 Replies
Hello guys.

I would like add two more gigabit ethernet ports to my Lattepanda Alpha 864.

I know I could use an USB-Ethernet converter, but I would prefer to use the M2 ports if is possible (I think it would be more elegant, with better performance and besides it would free the usb ports for other purposes..)

Anybody has knowledge about any cheap (if is possible) device?

I have found these: ... a&popup=no
and ... -egpl-g201

(But they are not valid because the M2 connector is different) --> Lattepanda Alpha has M2 E-key and M2 M-key - 2280 connector

Thank you very much!
Best regards