Semi-permanent connection to GPIO, without shield

userHead hbeam 2018-10-24 10:27:04 1662 Views0 Replies
Has anyone created a more permanent connection to the 2x12 GPIO for production deployments? I've built a Wiegand keycard-reader interface using SignalR that works like a champ. The final two yards will be getting the wiring to the point that it will survive production use and not get pulled out easily.

Instead of pulling off the header and soldering directly, I was hoping to build a ribbon cable that would plug directly into the GPIO. The other end then would terminate into an existing screw terminal. I found some male 2x12 headers that have the right pitch, but the thing won't stay attached. I'm not crazy about gluing it to the GPIO but maybe that's what it will take.

I'm using the CNC aluminum enclosure ( ... B06XKKV8QQ), which adds some difficulty because the machined slot is the same width as the GPIO, without any margin on the sides.

Any advice on permanently attaching between 4 and 12 wires to the GPIO while still using the enclosure?

Thank you!