Can't reinstall windows

userHead epicrean 2018-10-25 09:40:44 2524 Views1 Replies

I simply can not get a clean install of windows on this board. I have followed the direction on this page:

1.Format your USB disk to FAT32 and change the drive name to "WINPE"
2.Unzip the image to root directory of your USB flash disk
3.Plug the USB disk in USB host
4.Power on the LattePanda
5.The system will install the image automatically. Just wait until the recovery is finished. Please note: Your USB disk must be formatted to FAT32 and labelled "WINPE" in order for this to work

This never works, it never boots from the USB drive, and when I force it to, it just shows the lattepanda logo and eventually boots back into the original windows.

Honestly this should be this complicated