Latte Panda 4G/64GB Distribution in China

userHead Compute1 2018-10-27 03:40:27 1957 Views1 Replies
Could a LattaPanda 4G/64GB single board computer be purchased in China? If not would it be possible to get a CCC Certificate for a LattePanda 4G/64GB so it could be shipped to China a spare part? Just trying to make sure that if a spare LattePanda is required as a replacement at a location in China that this is possible.

Quite a few views with no answers.

If a LattePanda is part of a higher level assembly that is legitimately shipped to China, would it possible to purchase a LattePanda in China as a replacement part in the event of a failure of the LattePanda that was shipped as part of the higher level assembly?

Yes or No

Thanks for all your help.