Cant Activate 2GB/32GB with own win 10 Key

userHead DanSmith 2018-10-29 21:01:55 2045 Views4 Replies
Hi i bougth a 2Gb/32GB unactivatet LattePanda and cant activate the windows with my own keys. i trying now for 4 days and so on i dont want it any more. I testet 2 keys there not in use currently. Than i installed a fresh win 10 pro version from me with one of the keys. Not activatet, and the other key wont work too. Then i startet the issue research, installed a new pc on a big old AMD board and both keys work. It semms there is no Windows Issue. I tryed the SUI4 with calling the microsoft activation hotline, the hardware id and my produktkeys wont work together is all they can say me. Can you help pls? Sry for my bad englisch its not my native language..