No bios firmware update for LP 4G/64G S70CR200-CC55G?

userHead raidensnake 2018-11-06 23:01:00 2394 Views1 Replies
I just wanted to know what's going on with the firmware updates as my lattepanda keeps crashing due to a known bug in the older firmware. When I look on this GitHub page ... %20version It lists only the following:

S70CR200 Z8350
CC55D/CC55E -> DF-BI-7-S70CR200-CC55D-003-XX
CC55F -> DF-BI-7-S70CR200-CC55F-022-XX

But there's no mention of the S70CR200-CC55G Model anywhere.
Are there any recommendations of what firmware to use or do I need to wait for a version to come out?