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A LattePanda compatible Tablet

userHead DiskioPi 2018-11-07 23:20:52 13566 Views3 Replies
Hello the LattePanda community,

I'm Guillaume from Diskio Pi.
I'm coming here because you should be interested by my product.
Diskio Pi is an Open Source Tablet, compatible with boards like LattePanda. 13'3, capacitive touch, usb hub, sound, batteries, 5V@4A power, etc.

Recently, I have checked the dimentions of the board (LattePanda 4G/64G) and I think Diskio Pi can be compatible. I havn't tried yet, but according to the 3D CAD, this board can be enter in the tablet.
Here is a picture (sectional view)

The board could replace the initial Raspberry Pi with a special plate (for the screws holes), and with special cables. (usb, ethernet etc)
The basic version of Diskio Pi will be delivered with RPi cables, but it's not a problem to make customs cables.

Just one last thing, I think it need an efficient cooler to run it. But Diskio Pi is cooler compatible.

If you want to know more about this tablet, take a look on my crowdfunding campaign: ... ref=3730kj


Thank you and thanks also to your community manager !