[DEFECTIVE] - Found Cause - Alpha: Original Power supply or USB-C connector not working? Only boots with 12v in

userHead SpareADime 2018-11-09 12:02:38 5574 Views8 Replies

I just received my Alpha 864 two days ago and just started to install alternative OS's. I had unplugged the original power supply. Grounded myself, and then installed a different NVMe SSD. I plugged the Alpha back into the original PS and the red light would not come on. I played with the plug a little the red light came on for a few seconds and then went off. I turned the cord in the USB-C around and tried again and no red lights.

I disconnected the original power supply. I had some PH2.0 4P power connects and hooked the 12v IN to a separate 12volt 4.5 A supply. The red light on the Alpha comes on and it starts normally with no issue.

To me, it appears it is either the original power supply or the USB-C port not able to be powered.

Please any help in trying to determine which is the fault. I hope it is the power supply and not the USB-C port on the board. I would have to stop all work on the board if that is problem.

Thanks for any help,
- SpareADime

UPDATE: I determined that the female USB-C connector on the board is the fault. I plug the original power supply into the board. If I give the USB-C female connector on the board a gentle squeeze, the power light comes on. If I release the power light sometimes stays on but sometimes goes off.

My recommendation for future design is to increase the reinforcement on the USB-C female connector. From the number of posts about powering up issues, I believe some of those are due to this issue.

On the side, IMHO, this is still a "first generation" product and defects from scaled-up production are going to happen. While I am little "bummed" that this happened, it is to be expected when pushing the tech. I am still very Pro LPA. I expect LPA v2 will correct these issues and be even better.

I am still designing a case for the LPA that will provide sufficient cooling. I will now add an extension cables from the many of the ports, such as the USB-C, to minimize flexing of the board.

I would like an RMA to return the board and obtain a replacement. Please let me know what are the next steps. I will start getting the package together. This unit was an 864 with Windows 10 activated.

Thank you,
- SpareADime