System Control Pins & eDP headers on Alpha

userHead anonymous 2018-11-09 23:34:51 2496 Views2 Replies
I am posting this again, because I cannot find my previous post (neither searching the forums or looking in the "Your posts" in the control panel show it).

I had a question concerning the System Control Pins header, which seems to be a port to install a switch to turn the system on/off. This would be perfect for the power controller which I have in my car. The question is: what is the header part number? (This way I can find the mating connector.)

The other question I had had to do with the eDP connector. Somewhere (whether on these forums or elsewhere) it was noted/claimed that it was a proprietary interface. Is this true? Or would any eDP panel work?

My alpha is due to arrive today.

thanks in advance.