{DEFECTIVE] latte panda alpha

userHead michael.c.lafayette 2018-11-11 01:42:58 2921 Views4 Replies
I got my alpha 864 win pro/activated about 4 days ago. Initial start up was great. I installed a few apps and games. I had ordered a m.2 ssd and that got here 2 days ago, so I put it on the board and installed windows on that and had 0 issues. Last night I shut it down, and unplugged it, as I do with all my electronics, and when I got up this morning I plugged it in, and it has like NO power. No lights come on at all, Fan don't even try to spin up (not sure if it did before when applying power) I thought maybe the power adapter that came with it might have been bad, but I plugged in my phone to the adapter, and then a tablet and they started charging right up. I always ground my self when working with circuit boards, so I can rule out a static discharge. I took the m.2 ssd off thinking possibly it may be bad and causing it. no results. I took the battery out for about 1 hour while I got a shower and ate. Put the battery back in still nothing. What else can I try, or would the board be considered Dead? I was hoping to put an external GPU on it next week to do some more testing of my own, ad I had ordered a gtx 1050
I would like a RMA please. Love the product. I know new issues will pop up with a new product like this.