[DEFECTIVE] 2x Panda + IO

userHead CHAG 2018-11-12 20:49:38 3534 Views7 Replies

I have two more Pandas + IO Shield(s) for RMA.

Again the IO Shields power converter failed and passed 12v source voltage into the Panda. Both parts were pretested to work but failed as combination after about 10-15 seconds. (We already have one Panda with same issue in RMA shipping process)

Very unsure but the USB 2.0 area seems to be faulty. It destroyed a logitech unified reciever while assembling. First I thought the USB receiver just died by random. I moved the prepared panda into its final environment and attched a VSCOM CANusb device that is USB2.0 Certified and uses not more than 500mA. After about 10 minutes of operation the area around USB2.0 connectors began to visibly dispend hot air and smell like buring plastic. Both, Panda and VSCOM device defective now
IO Shield shouldn't be the problem here because the destroyed logitech receiver was only attached when using 5V via USB psu.

PS: I tried to directly add this new case to existing mail conversation of our previous RMA but didn't get any anwser. So I re-request this RMA as recommended via forums.