Eye Tracking & LattePanda

userHead microresonance 2018-11-16 04:28:51 2300 Views3 Replies
Hi All,
Can anyone give me advice or help with this project using LattePanda, please?

I'm looking to try to develop a creative project - an eyetracking camera that overlays the scanpath - the lines created from gaze direction data or the way a photographers eyes move as they look at a scene in front of them. So the scanpath (from a rear facing webcam) is overlaid on top of an image of the scene they are photographing (a forward facing camera).
This is based on the work of Alfred Yarbus, a Russian Psychologist

I'd like the device to be portable and would like to use LattePanda - does anyone know if it is powerful enough to handle running GazePointer2.7.1 software + webcam (Logitechc920) and be able to run a simple Processing sketch like the Processing example Continuous Lines (with the mouse replaced with eyetracking control of the cursor) to draw the scanpath?

Also, Are there any touch screens that are easily used with LattePanda?

Any help or input would be great. thanks