[Open] LattePanda Alpha Not Booting

userHead LattePanda 2018-11-17 07:26:58 12696 Views19 Replies
Dear All,

We noticed that some users can't boot LattePanda Alpha somehow (except Alpha 800 didn't install OS properly on SSD).

I trust our techsupport team already get in touch with some of you. If you are experiencing this issue, please connect with LattePanda team via email (techsupport@lattepanda.com). And attach this link. We will provide replacement for every supporter.

The thing is every board from us are fully tested for triple times from our factory side, quality team and product team. We make sure our product is good for shipping to our customers. So we will organize to collect these specific faulty units back to us very soon to figure out if the logistics process caused some unexpected problems on LattePanda Alpha coz it is still a problem happening on a part of cases. We will try to figure out the common situation from our users also.

So our techsupport team will try to collect more info from everyone has similar problem. And we really hope you can test LattePanda Alpha with other PD adapter to help us diagnose and position the problem together!

Thanks for your time.

And please post your questions here directly then we can have a single thread to sync the info in forum!