How to custom power DC on Latte Panda Alpha

userHead vnlevanduoc 2018-11-23 23:12:17 4962 Views1 Replies
I have a LattePanda Alpha 864 (LA864), I want to extend the 12v 1A DC power supply, but on the LA864 only available source from arduino integrated only 5V

So I designed a 45W DC power adapter that came with the LA864 to 12V

However, after designing and testing from the phone charger, my adapter came out properly, but when I cut the USB Type C of the power adapter included with LA864, I discovered in error there are 5 wires which has 2 big wires and 3 small wires, i guess 2 wires are the power cord and 3 wires is smaller than the wires? But I do not know how to measure the current is not so?

Can you show me the problem you are having?

The reason I want to add more power is because I want to add one more hard drive but the hard drive that requires 12v power supply if used with LA864 I fear to affect the performance of the LA864.