COM 3 Problems

userHead Lemminger65 2018-12-01 23:31:09 1936 Views0 Replies

I bought a lattepanda 02/32 with Win 10 home.
I want to create a telemetry system for a electric drive.
The latepanda is going headless online over Handy and i get access via teamciewer at win 10 system. It’s already running.
A Software requieres a resolution of 1920x1080.
With the bios update for 10“ Monitors it works better, but the software also changes size and I miss the last values at the software. Could I run a software with defined resolution? In Display settings the resolution is Chosen.With monitor the size fits perfect, but not without.
Since the bios update the usb 2.0 makes problems. I reinstalled drivers and it runs, but:
At serial connection I adjust com3 in device manager. Iin Arduino software sometimes I can chose Com3, sometimes its grey without access and sometimes only comport 5 is shown.
I don’t get connection to arduino. One time it was working, but it changes.
What can be the reason and solution?

Regards, Klaus