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A truly hackable LattePanda Concept Discussion

userHead anonymous 2018-12-04 02:25:16 75002 Views27 Replies
(I don't know if this can be in this forum, but I need to share my thoughts in the matter)

This is what I think a truly hackable LattePanda should be:

Processor: Intel x7-Z8750 (
ROM: 64 GB
MicroSd: Max of 256 GB
USB: 3x USB 3.0 positioned one side another, like in the Alpha.
Power: Use a Jack plug with a maximum of 12v 1A to truly energize everything connected to the board.
Connectivity: Ethernet (please a gigabit one), wireless and bluetooth as usual. Also headphone jack, Mini HDMI, MIPI-DSI, CSI camera port.
A better connection for the RTC, this is crucial to have disconnected environments.
Co-processor: Arduino Leonardo, with the 3.3v connectors.

This configuration can and will compete against any PC Stick, media center, single board computer and even with any mainstream office pc allowing to attack a lot of markets.

I know that having this will increase the price to around USD$180.00 - USD$220.00 (without license), but adding this we cover up Raspberry CSI Camera compatibility, with enough power input we reduce all the power's problems we currently have, it will be a cheap option for any maker and we can truly use it as a dev/production machine.

PS. A M.2 connector is good for those like me to use an external graphics card with CUDA support, but I want to read your comments about it.