[Help] I short circuited my board

userHead neryneto 2018-12-05 08:56:48 3090 Views7 Replies
Hello, it is my first post here.

Unfortunately I have done something very stupid. I made a DC battery for the board, but i did not have the correct 4 pin connector, so i used protoboard jumpers, but they did not fit properly and i got the hood off of 2. When i was unplugging the battery i did not get all 4 at the same time and bad thing happened, i saw a small spark and i think the positive and negative touched... yeah =/

This is embarrassing to say the least.

My model is Alpha 800, since this happened no led lighten up when i connect the usb c power.

Anybody know how i could fix this? Maybe replace the integrated circuit responsible for power, really anything at this point is welcome