LP Alpha will not start

userHead paulb104 2018-12-19 00:34:23 2110 Views2 Replies
On Dec 8th I sent LP a message through facebook about an issue I was having with my LP Alpha I got from the original kickstarter campaign, regarding bluetooth and Windows 10. I never heard from them so I posted this thread. https://www.lattepanda.com/topic-f6t17404.html

After that my LP stopped working all together. Since I hadn't heard from them over FB, I emailed techsupport@lattepanda.com on the morning of 12/9 explaining what had happened.

On Dec 13th I sent LP a message through facebook.

I *still* have not heard from them regarding either issue.

This is a shortened version of my email to them.

I've been using the LP for the Windows side.

Yesterday (now 12/8) I turned it on and it was working fine. I did some Windows updates and rebooted, and it was fine. Today it will not turn on at all.

When I plug it in, the red light turns on and stays on.

The blue light on the chip pulses for about eight seconds and then stops.

I use ethernet, and the cable light goes on and stays on.

I've changed hdmi cable, and I've even tried two different monitors.

I cannot get the LP on again.